“BCCI Awards 2023”

"BCCI Awards bring a big surprise for players Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli; excellent news for Ravi Shastri."

BCCI Awards 2023: In 2019, BCCI held its inaugural annual awards ceremony. This award event has been conducted annually since then, and it will take place in Hyderabad this year.
BCCI Awards 2023

BCCI Awards 2023:

For Indian cricket players, today, January 23, will be a very significant day. The BCCI, or Board of Control for Cricket in India, is organizing its yearly awards event. Hyderabad is the place where the ceremony is planned. This ceremony will commemorate two very remarkable people. One of them has surpassed current top players Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma by engraving his name on a special award.

Virat-Rohit departed from :

The BCCI will present former Indian cricket player Ravi Shastri with a Lifetime Achievement Award during a special ceremony Thursday evening in Hyderabad. In between, Shastri served as the Indian team’s coach. More significantly, a young player has defeated Virat and Rohit to win the 2023 Cricketer of the Year honor. We will also be honoring this player today. In case you’re wondering who the player is who beats out Rohit and Virat, it’s Shubman Gill.

The Indian squad will take part as well :

In 2019, BCCI held these yearly awards for the first time. In addition, the Indian squad competing in the Test series against England will take part in this BCCI event. India and the England team will square off in a run of five Test matches. The first of these games is scheduled to begin tomorrow, January 25, in Hyderabad.
BCCI Awards 2023

Shami departed as well :

As the finest Indian cricket player of 2023, Shubman Gill has outperformed Virat, Rohit, and Mohammad Shami. With a solid showing in the 2023 World Cup, fast bowler Shami claimed 24 wickets. Throughout the year, Virat and Rohit also put out great performances. However, Shubman has left his mark on the trophy.

He had a fantastic year in 2023 :

Shubman Gill has had a very successful year in 2023. ODI Player of the Year went to him. Gill hit five century in a single year. In ODI cricket, Gill also held the record for the fastest 2000 runs. In 29 ODIs in 2023, Gill amassed 1584 runs at an average of 63.36. He got nine fifty and five centuries in this. Shubman achieved his greatest ODI score of 208 runs that same year. In 2023, Virat scored 1377 runs, while Rohit scored 1255.

Virat comes in second :

In 2023, Gill participated in 48 matches spanning Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. He averaged 46.54 while scoring 2154 runs in that regard. Next is Virat, who averaged 66.06 and scored 2048 runs in 35 matches.

And a tribute to a former cricket player :

However, at 61 years old, Ravi Shastri is currently the most well-known figure in the commentary industry. For India, Ravi Shastri has participated in 150 ODIs and 80 Tests. The Indian team director from 2014 to 2016 was Ravi Shastri. After then, he led the Indian squad as their coach till 2021.

The outstanding achievement of India under the coach :

They triumphed in back-to-back Test matches against Australia at home under Ravi Shastri’s coaching. However, the Indian team was unable to win the ICC trophy while Ravi Shastri was in charge. However, the Indian squad advanced to the World Cup’s semifinals in 2019. He took home the 2021 World Test Championship runner-up trophy.

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