Ukrain War : ” Civilians killed in missile strikes on Kharkiv and Kyiv during the Ukraine war”

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According to officials, Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and second-largest city Kharkiv have resulted in six fatalities and several injuries.
Ukrain War
Early on Tuesday, residential structures in Kharkiv, in the northeastern Ukrainian city, were struck, resulting in five fatalities and 42 injuries. Among them were two women, ages 40 and 56. The local mayor reported that rescue personnel were searching the debris for survivors after part of an apartment building was destroyed.

Video Footage After Attack

Following the strikes, which involved the use of several different types of Russian missiles, the sky over Kharkiv turned orange and scorched. Since the city is near the border, it is challenging to stop the missiles in midair.

Natalia, a resident of Kharkiv, told the BBC that she hasn’t heard anything this “loud” since the beginning of the war: “My house shook.” Everything was really noisy. After a span of ten seconds, there were more explosions followed by a loud noise.”

“A large number of people lack heat and electricity. I don’t feel anything right now except hate and dread,” she remarked. In the Dnipropetrovsk region’s industrial city of Pavlohrad, at least one person was assassinated

The airstrike in Kyiv

The airstrike in Kyiv lasted for over 2.5 hours, the longest since January 2. When one apartment building caught fire and another was damaged, several more individuals were injured. A young woman was rescued from the debris, according to a spokeswoman. Rescuers initially believed she had passed away, but she is currently in critical care at the hospital. The majority of the deaths occurred in the western Sviatoshynsky and center Solomianskyi districts of Kyiv.
Numerous residential buildings in the Sviatoshinsky district sustained damage. Emergency services informed the BBC that they were still at the scene hours after the assaults, searching for explosives because they thought there might have been a piece of a missile that did not explode.

After the Russian missiles were intercepted by air defenses during the attack, falling debris also caused damage to three other areas of Kiev. Thirteen people—including children—are hospitalized out of the twenty injured, according to the mayor Vitaliy Klitschko’s office.

Distruction in the City After Attack

The BBC visited a hospital where the personnel continued to work through the air raid despite hearing explosions and feeling the doors rattle. However, at the missile attack site on Tuesday afternoon, rescue workers were sifting through the wreckage where big pieces had fallen on a residential block.
After Strike
One end of the building’s apartments was completely destroyed by fire, while some of the balconies had significant damage. In the street, there were mounds of belongings and furniture covered in snow. Locals were inspecting the damage beyond the police barrier, even the inquisitive kids.
Coming from a few streets away, Tetyana stated her family had stayed in their apartment’s bathroom throughout the early morning air raid in the hopes of being safer there, away from any windows.
“At the start of the war we thought we would get used to this, but you never do,” she stated to the BBC. “It’s scary every single time.” A few months prior, a drone was shot down over the city, causing shrapnel damage to their own building.
The air force of Ukraine claimed to have shot down 21 of the 41 Russian missiles that were launched last night.
A video of the devastation in Kharkiv was broadcast by the chief of the presidential administration, Andriy Yermak, expressing Ukrainian fears that its needs for weaponry are not being answered by Western partners. We’re more than just a “fortress.” We require guns!”
During the past week, Ukrainian forces have attacked Russian energy infrastructure, including an oil port in the country’s second city, St. Petersburg, in an unprecedented move. A fire at the energy business Novatek’s Ust-Luga Baltic Sea export facility forced the company to suspend some of its operations.
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